Welcome to the Moosync Wiki

Moosync is an Electron based simple music player with a primary goal to provide a clean and easy interface. Through Moosync you can easily listen to music from your desktop, YouTube or Spotify.


  • Play audio files on your desktop.
  • Seamlessly integrate your Spotify and Youtube playlists.
  • Add Spotify and Youtube tracks and playlists by URLs.
  • Play songs directly from youtube using youtube embed
  • Scrobble your tracks on LastFM.
  • Get music recommendations directly from Spotify, Youtube and LastFM
  • Mix and match songs from different providers in a single playlist
  • Easy to use interface
  • Customizable theme engine
  • Develop own apps on top of Moosync Extension API
  • Available on Windows and Linux

Download latest release

The latest release can be found under Releases section

Known bugs

  • libvips-cpp.so.42 missing - Sharp, a module required for Moosync to work requires libvips-cpp.so. If this library is missing for you, it will need to be installed manually.


    Vips can be installed from official repo using

    yay -S libvips


    On Ubuntu and Debian, libvips can be installed using

    apt-get install libvips-dev


    On fedora, libvips can be installed using dnf

    dnf install vips

    Installing manually

    If none of the above methods apply to you, you may try to find libvips for your distro. Or you may build it from source by following this guide