Moosync extensions are packed in a zip archive and renamed to filename.msox. This process can be automated using the package @moosync/packer.

  • Install @moosync/packer

    yarn add @moosync/packer
  • Add a script in package.json

    "scripts": {
      "pack": "mopack --path ."

    This will pack all files in the current directory.

By default mopack will exclude node_modules, .git, *.lock, *.zip, *.msox.
To customize this include / exclude list

  • Add a mopack key in your package.json
    "mopack": {
      "include": ["node_modules", "*.zip"],
      "exclude": ["file_to_exclude", "glob_pattern_to_exclude"]

The output file with the name ${name}-${version}.msox (name and version are fetched from package.json) can be found in the same directory from where the command was run.